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Is It Time For a Bathroom Remodel?

Do you love your bathroom? If the answer is “no” then it is definitely time to remodel. M&M Painting And Renovations has the happiest clients in the Northern VA area since 1997. Homeowners looking to increase the size of their bathroom benefit from M&M Painting and Renovations extensive experience in bathroom remodeling projects. Our team of design professionals can make a small bathroom feel larger through strategic design practices, while our team of construction professionals can deliver a custom-built walk-in shower complete with state-of-the-art temperature controls and steam features.

Working together, we provide the luxurious feel of a spa retreat right in the comfort of your own home. But be prepared, we will make your bathroom so fabulous you may not want to leave

Included services:

  • Inspection of bathroom
  • Remodeling plans consultation
  • Delivery of materials
  • Sealing off room with plastic
  • Demolition of old bathroom
  • Trash disposal
  • New bathtub framing
  • Installation of new bathtub
  • Installation of new shower & bath faucet/plumbing
  • Hook-up of water and plumbing
  • Installation of cement board on floors and walls surrounding shower, plus patching and sanding
  • Installation of tile on floor and walls
  • Grouting of tiles
  • Installation of new toilet
  • Complete assembly of new wax ring and new bolts and plumbing
  • Installation of new vanity
  • Installation of new medicine cabinet and mirror
  • Installation of bathroom fixture,
  • Installation of light fixture with electricity
  • Installation of new sink faucet and plumbing
  •  GFCI outlet
  • New switch with electricity
  • New exhaust fan (if one already present)
  • Primer and paint for walls and ceiling
  • Tests to ensure proper operation
  • Other materials, including cement board, dry wall, join component, glue, paint, grout, plumbing materials, electrical materials, trimming and stain

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